Born in 1986 in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia Started with photography in his 12y on old film Kodak compact.

His first own DSLR Nikon buyed in his 26y Every knowledge earned by selfstudy and praxis. In 2015 he buyed his first full frame Nikon.

This moment changed his life way. In begining as every young photographer he shooted everything, but on the end he get his main themes: – Women portraits (he prefer closeup) – Weddings (due happiness and emotions) – Architecture and landscapes – Since 2018 he shoot almost everything in B&W and try new space of view example Ultra High Key B&W Photography Each of his themes have own story why he choose it.

Example woman portraits symbolize and replace to him contact with womans, his desires.

His photography is typicaly very bright with shiny colors (if they are colored) and on B&W you simply see the colors without colors. Sometimes he produce very dark photos inspired by hard moments of his life.

They are typicali B&W, dark and emotional (your hair will stand on your back). His models everytime have some emotion in face, most of time positive, but you can find some funny moments, sad moments are rare.

His portraits are not played, models are shooted in normal state during talking, somebody could say they are personality portraits. He try before each shooting have positive vibes with model and manytimes model is laughtning not because he told her smile, no.

But because Marek is sayd some joke unwares or maked some crazy stuff. That´s current Marek Szucs in his 32 years.